This list is not complete – we will continue to add to it as more information becomes available

NameDateDescriptionMore Info
Grandfather25-27 August 1944To cause casualties and damage to enemy dispositions in and around PUPNAT (KORCULA) and to provide AA defence for own gun positions and for LCIs. Force consisted of 476 Fd Bty, 11 Tp RSR, B Coy 2HLI, 2825 Fd Sqn RAF and AA dets sailed from VIS
Decomposed II31 July - 2 August 1944"C" Battery R.S.R. as Light Anti Aircraft support to 24 pdr Bty Royal Artillery whose task was to shell enemy positions at OREBIC KORCULA Town and POSTRAIYA and silence coastal guns at OBERIC
Grandfather II
Flounced II
Geography12-13 September 1944Reconnaissance operations ahead of the major operation APLOMB
Aplomb16 September - 10 October 1944Operation TARANTO to KITHERA involving FOXFORCE, comprising 9 Commando, 7 Tp. RSR, 10 Tp. RSR, 12 Tp. RSR, a detachment of S.B.S. and a detachment of L.R.D.G.
Brac1-5 June 1944
Detained III17 September 19443 x.50 Brownings (Capt Bocquet) and 2 x 4.2 Mortars sent to support 43 RM Commando attack on island garrison on Solta, Dalmation Islands, formerly part of Yugoslavia
Mercerised22 September - 17 October 1944Op involving RSR, 40 RM Cdo, 2 Cdo, 2 SS Bde Staff, to harrass enemy communications and transit areas, to support attack designed to capture SARANDE, to cut communications with Island of KERKYRA (CORFU)
Noah's ArkSeptember 1944
Brac III11-18 September 194443 Marine Cdo and our troop to land at LUCICA bay in an attempt to damage or prevent the movement of enemy troops evacuating from BRAC
Manna13-15 October 1944Operation POROS to ATHENS involving COMMANDFORCE, comprising 9 Commando, 7 Tp. RSR, 10 Tp. RSR, 12 Tp RSR, a detachment of S.B.S. and a detachment of L.R.D.G.
Scrumhalf30 October - 23 November 1944Operation PIRAEUS to SALONIKA involving SCRUMFORCE, comprising 9 Commando, 7 Tp. RSR, 10 Tp. RSR, 12 Tp RSR, a detachment of S.B.S., a detachment of L.R.D.G. and a detachment of R.E.s
Flounced31 May - 5 June 1944A night raid on the enemy held island of BRAC involving Commando Units of 2 SSB primarily from 40 and 43 RM Cdos, and 2 SSB HQ, supported by RSR men with 2 captured Italian 47mm anti-tank guns
Belvedere3 - 10 April 1945Stickforce, 11 Tp. RSR and One Flight 2771 Fd. Sqn. RAF Regt, to support attack on PAG Island with objective of desroying all enemy positions and holding the island. RAF Regt Flight to provide local protection for RSR gun positions and OP parties
Roast25 March - 30 April 1945An attack across Lake Comacchio to capture the spit of land between Lake Comacchio and the Adriatic Sea, from the River Reno to the Valetta canal, approx 7 miles.
Impact Royal12 - 15 April 1945A follow up to Operation Roast, at the Fessina Canal East of Argenta.
Brac II6 June 1944
Miljet21-22 May 1944
Healing II28 - 29 July 1944Designed to re-open the coastline around Himara so that supplies could be delivered to the Albanian Partisans. The attacking force was over 700 strong, consisting of 2 Cdo, 9 Cdo, 40 (RM) Cdo, 180 men of the RSR, HLI, Force 266 and partisans