R. Tobin

Name: J.A.K. "Ronald" Tobin M.M.

Rank: Sgt

Service Number: 3960208

Nationality: British

Parent Unit:

More info: Awarded the Military Medal (M.M.) in the Adriatic 1944/45.
Sergeant TOBIN has taken part in the following operations:
MILJET 21/22 May, 1944
BRAC I, 1/5 June, 1944
BRAC II, 6 June, 1944
BRAC III, 11/18 September, 1944
During all these operations Sergeant John Tobin who was the No. 1 commanding a gun has shown the highest degree of bravery and devotion to duty. His work has always been first class and the example set and standard shown by him to his men has been of the highest. As a typical example of his work, the operation on Pelesac 22/25 June when an enemy convoy of E Boats and Schooners were shot at and one E Boat and one large Schooner were sunk and two E Boats so heavily damaged as to become total losses, was carried out by Sergeant Tobin and his gun and crew. He was picked for that special operation because of his known courage and skill and his complete dependability and efficiency. He is a very fine NCO and one who commands the highest respect and admiration both from his superiors and the men of his gun crew and the rest of his troop. On account of his outstanding work and devotion to duty and gallantry on many occasions, Tobin is hereby recommended for the periodic award of the Military Medal.