The Raiding Support Regiment received parachute training and mountain warfare training, as well as training in boat handling and amphibious landings.

The War Establishment file proposes the following training:

  1.  In the following weapons:
    • Vickers MMG / MG 34 Gorman —> MMG Wing
    • 3″ or 4.2″ Mortar —> Mortar Wing
    • .50 Browning. —> HyMG and Lt AA Wing.
    • 47/32mm A/tk Gun Italian. —> A/Tk Wing
    • 75mm American Pack Howitzer —> Mtn Pack How Wing
    • Personal weapons, LMG, Sten Guns, Pistol, Grenades, Demolitions etc
  2. Where necessary to drop by parachute with their weapons, stores and equipment
  3. In the handling and operational use of Mules, their saddlery and equipment
  4. To embark on, and land operationally from, Naval Landing Craft.
  5. Normal fieldcraft, individual cooking, compass and map reading, night marching etc.
  6. Appropriate ground training and special load carrying methods for operations in Hilly country.

Para training was done initially at Kabrit or Ramat David and then later in Italy.

The first para course involving Raiding Support Regiment men took place on 25 November 1943 at Kabrit and they continued to jump there until 1 April 1944.

From 24 July 1944 to 16 March 1945, parachute training was done at Gioia Del Colle in Italy.

Para training in Italy

Training in aspects of mountain warfare and animal handling was also covered.  This took place at Zgharta in Syria and at the Cedars of Lebanon.

Training in the mountains – prepaing a meal


Zgharta, Syria